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Feudal-Aristocratic Drag: Neo-Liberal Erotic Imaginaries of California as Counterrevolutionary Heterotopia in The Mask of Zorro

LJ Frazier and Deborah Cohen Flirtatious repartee and sensuous swish of swords: gliding to and fro on soft horse stable […]

Water is Life

Alessandra Bergamin Briana Flin It is a Saturday evening in April and Celerina Chavez is making albondigas—Mexican meatball soup. In […]

What Color is My City?

Night lights are changing L.A.’s complexion, by Adam Rogers.

Future of Hollywood

Can California survive without Hollywood?

Postcards From the Future

Scenes from the utopian north and dystopian south.

Forget it, Jake

Searching for the truth in Chinatown.

Honey Pies and Aquadettes

Profiling California Is a Place, the award-winning video series from directors Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari

Beyond Hollywood

California has a wilder, more diverse movie heritage than we’d know from Hollywood blockbusters or even from the dustier aisles of video stores.