Category: Reviews

The Atlas of California: Mapping the Challenge of a New Era

Explore Richard Walker and Suresh Lodha’s new atlas, which shows a new California in the making. It maps the economic, social, and political trends of a state struggling to maintain its leadership and to continue to offer its citizens the promise of prosperity.

Dances with California

Brenda Hillman’s Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire.

Man with a Mission

Junípero Serra at the Huntington Library through January 6.

Growing the California Dream

Trees in Paradise: A California History by Jared Farmer reviewed.

Origins of the LA Riots

The 1992 Los Angeles riots had roots not in Rodney King but in a killing that brought three very different women to a violent intersection a year earlier.

Reading for Liberalism

Before there was Boom or Sunset, there was the Overland Monthly. Its editors hoped it would help transform California’s social landscape.

Salsa Rules

It takes two to tango, but LA-style salsa demands much more: at least one well-heeled pair of dancers and an admiring audience.