Category: Interviews

Future of Transportation

Will we be Hyperlooping in 2050? Probably not.

Future of Prisons

Will overcrowding and the death penalty be a part of the prison system in 2050?

Future of Politics

Thad Kousser predicts the winds of political change in California.

Planet of the Future

The Boom interview: Kim Stanley Robinson

Water and Power

The Boom interview: Ron Nichols, Department of Water and Power.

An Interview with jesikah maria ross

From Boom Summer 2013, Vol. 3, No. 2 By Laurie Glover jesikah maria ross works at the intersection of art, […]

Screen Captures: Americans on Google Street

Doug Rickard is a photographer from Sacramento whose project “A New American Picture” incorporates images of contemporary American Life.

Pepper Spray and Politics

Radical student activist Ian Lee discusses his experience with the Occupy movement.

From Ghost World to Your World

An interview with Academy Award nominated artist and graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.